The Court must grant custody to mom or to the school district best teachers pool When government official seeing or suspecting loveless marriage, the government must void that couple's marriage certificate and grant the kids custody right to the 九份民宿 kids's mom. If the mom not willing to take the burden by herself, the Court must grant the custody to the school's best group of teachers to take turn 西裝to care those disadvantage family's kids. Because take care kids are mom's duty, not dad's duty, this may explain how come God told Abraham to hand out his son to God, instead 房屋買賣of asking his wife, because mom's duty is to take care kids, she must not betray her duty no matter what; this may explain how come Abraham not asked to hand out his wife to God, because taking care of 烤肉食材his woman is his duty, he must not betray his duty no matter what. Therefore, law makers must make law to say any man committed adultery must not be allowed to seat in any public office, and make divorce the most urgent right go 結婚es to the man's will so that man can release his duty from his loveless marriage hells. Therefore, Government must keep school district house available for disadvantage kids's dorm and have the loving teachers take turn to live with those 買屋網 kids to care and love your most vulnerable youngsters to help them grow up strong citizens to build up all your good futures.  If the kids unfortunately lost their parents like I had experienced, the kids must have the right to keep their parents house and co 禮服ntinue to live there, school can have good teachers take turn to watch or care them depending on how independent those kids can handle the living alone or by themselfs, government must protect kids from forcing to leave their parents's or parent's house after they lost their parent or paren 宜蘭民宿ts like I had experienced not allowed to even back to see my parents house any more immediately after those heartless adults told me that my parents already died. You Taiwanese law makers are sucks, see kids's right like nothing, You Taiwan male and FEMALE law makers should all  go to hells. YES, esp 租房子ecially female who should have known taking kids are mom's duty better than male. You Taiwan female law makers should all be killed IMMEDIATELY for their betray woman's duty seeing kids's welfare like nothings. .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 西服  .
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